We offer a quality 24/7 sales team specializing in cross-sell and up-sell techniques driving your Order Values Up! Every call is important, our 24/7 team is ready if it's 3pm or 3am with minimal hold times! With a 24/7 team ready for you, you will be able to focus on your media without worrying about time zones.

Need a sales platform? We have a development team ready and waiting to build your platform for you. We will build your platform tailored to your campaign needs.

Whether its print, radio, or TV media, we are ready and waiting for your calls! Hard or soft offers, we are ready to sell for YOU! Dedicated account management. (Focusing on quality assurance, script development, KPI’s)

Real time accurate reporting. (Including and not limited to, AoV, close rates, talk times, hold times, dispositions, etc.) API integration and customer service capabilities for your DR campaign!

Have you ever asked yourself why overflow and after hours answering services are so important to your business? You have probably thought to yourself, "they can leave a message, and I will call them back as soon as I am available." Here are the facts:

  1. 80% of businesses transactions are completed over the phone. (Making appointments, sales, general questions, etc.)

  2. 85% of the calls you miss... Will NOT call back.

  3. 60% of customers will stop doing business with a company simply due to bad customer service.

Don't let your missed calls be missed revenue for your business. We can take care of setting new appointments for you, answering general questions, and much more.

Our dedicated hourly agents are trained in a variety of tasks including but not limited to:

  1. Data entry

  2. Virtual assistant tasks

  3. Administrative assistants

  4. Dispatching Services

  5. Lead generation calls