Frequently Asked Questions

How long has your company been around?

Our company has been around for over 10 years. Working with small to large businesses in the US and in Canada.

Where are your agents located?

Most of our agents are located in the DFW area. We do use offshore agents for over nights and overflow if we get unexpected high volumes. (If the client is concerned, we have recordings so they can hear some of these calls)

When can we start?

In order to assure the highest quality, the process to start a new campaign takes a minimum of 3 business days to be able to personalize your campaign with script, train, and test the agents who will be handling your calls. This time frame will be contingent upon how much time it takes for you to obtain the information we need from you and schedule a training with you and the agent supervisor.

Do I get to Pick my Agent?

We can send over audio clips of our agents to choose from if you are purchasing dedicated time.